Karin Twohig is a certified Instructor for the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. Karin teaches Bowenwork in the form originated by the founder Tom Bowen. Bowenwork is rapidly expanding worldwide and Karin travels throughout the U.S. to teach Bowenwork, Modules 1-10 as well as Associate and Instructor Training.

Karin is the owner of the Bowenwork School which has teaching arms in California,  Utah, Michigan and the Hawaiian Islands. In addition to her Bowenwork School, she operates a private practice in Carmel, California.

Her warmth and sense of humor is coupled with a communication style that makes learning fun and informative while maintaining a high level of professionalism. She strives to accommodate every student’s learning style and ability which creates an atmosphere of ease and focus. Her enthusiasm for the work is underpinned by her drive to help people effect deep and significant shifts in their lives.

Karin’s mission is to support every student in accomplishing their goals, whether it is to help their family and friends or to start a new career in the healing arts. They may want to change their current healing modality to prevent overuse injuries, or add to their already existing practice modality, such as chiropractic, physical therapy, traditional medicine, naturopathic health and nutrition.

Karin is dedicated to teaching more people to help themselves and others through the power of the Bowen Technique.

Karin's experience includes:

  • Massage Therapist in private practice in Carmel, CA since 1981
  • Bowen Therapist in private practice in Carmel, CA since 1995
  • Bowen Instructor for the Academy of Australia since 2000

Karin's training includes:

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Certification is for those practitioners who intend to practice Bowenwork® professionally. The basic certification standard is uniform throughout most of the world with additional requirements in the USA and Australia.

As a professional Bowenwork® Practitioner, you'll receive the full support of American Bowen Academy and Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (BTAA), which refer prospective clients to practitioners in three ways:

1.) Through online references and referral links listed on this website and on the international website,
2.) Through requests made of the American Bowen Academy's regional office in Dewey, Arizona and the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia's head office in Australia.
3.) By word of mouth from students and practitioners worldwide who read the professional journal, Bowen Hands, which they receive as part of their annual registration fee.
Certification Requirements include the following:

The satisfactory completion of Modules 1 through 6, including 10 case studies and 50 hours of hands-on practice completed between classes.
The satisfactory completion of a two-day Module 7 class with an assessing instructor. This thorough practical assessment covers every procedure taught in the Modules 1-6.
Written proof of:
At least 100 hours study of anatomy and physiology*
Business experience or training (20 hours minimum)**
Ethics training (4 hours minimum)***
Current certification in CPR
An annual fee of $75.
*16 hours of anatomy and physiology training can be fulfilled by attending the Bowtech-endorsed Deep Anatomy or Appreciating Bowenwork in the Physical Body seminars.

**16 hours of business training can be fulfilled by attending the Bowtech-endorsed Bowen Business Success seminar.

***Students may select the ethics course(s) that interests them most, as long as the main focus of the course is professional roles and boundaries relevant to healthcare or bodywork practitioners, and is a minimum of 4 hours long. (For practitioners who attended Module 1 after August 31, 2011 the Ethics training is in addition to the 20 hours of business training.)

American Bowen Academy (ABA) is a Continuing Education Provider for:

  1. • NCBTMB-Provider #393313-00
  2. • California Board of Registered Nursing
  3. • Ohio State Board of Nursing
  4. • AOTA-Provider #7074

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Bowenwork School & Center © 2011. All rights reserved. Bowenwork® and Professional Bowenwork Practitioner are registered trademarks of Bowtech Pty. Ltd.

Disclaimer: While the terms "treat", "treatment", "patient" and "diagnose" may be used in other countries, or in other health-care professions, Bowenwork® practitioners in the United States neither diagnose nor treat. We assess our client's condition and address client concerns by facilitating relaxation and balance in the body.


Module 1

$425 Is the starting price

You'll learn:
The Bowenwork Move
Lower Back Procedure
Upper Back Procedure
Neck Procedure
Kidney Procedure
Head Procedure
Working with a Client
Prerequisites: none

Module 2

$395 if paid 22 days early or $425 thereafter

You'll learn:
Respiratory Procedure
Shoulder Procedure (with an Assistant)
Shoulder Procedure (without an Assistant)
Hamstring Procedure
Cramp Procedure
Prerequisites: Module 1

Module 3

$395 if paid 22 days early or $425 thereafter

You'll learn:
Pelvic Procedure
Elbow/Wrist Procedure
Sacral Procedure
Knee Procedure
Prerequisites: Module 2

Module 4

$395 if paid 22 days early or $425 thereafter

You'll learn:
Ankle Procedure (with Strapping)
Upper Respiratory/TMJ Procedure
Forearm Procedure
Bowenwork Seated
Procedures for Babies and Children
Hammer Toe Procedure (with Strapping)
Bunion Procedure
Tom Bowen’s Home Remedies
Prerequisites: Module 3

Module 5

$395 if paid 22 days early or $425 thereafter

You'll learn:
Coccyx Procedure
North Procedure (Shoulder)
East Procedure (Shoulder)
South Procedure (Shoulder)
West Procedure (Shoulder)
Gall Bladder Procedure
Chest Procedure
Prerequisites: Module 4

Module 6

$395 if paid 22 days early or $425 thereafter

You'll learn:
5A or 7A Medially Procedure (Hamstrings)
Bursitis Procedure
Recommendations to Assist Conception
Perineal Procedure
Bedwetting Procedure
Thoracic Procedure
Buttock Pain Procedure
Ossie’s Recommendations
Prerequisites: Module 5

Module 7

$450 if paid 22 days early or $480 thereafter

Module 7 is a two-day testing module, administered by an assessing instructor. At least one month must elapse between Module 6 and Module 7. We highly recommend that you attend a Review Class before taking Module 7.Prior to the start of Module 7, the assessing instructor will provide a list of everything that will be covered, primarily information a student should have learned and reviewed in Modules 1-6. Module 7 includes a written test on the Module 6 material only and a hands-on demonstration of all procedures learned in Module 1-6. Your instructor also assesses your knowledge of when to observe all mandatory pauses.
Prerequisites: Module 6, plus 10 case studies and 50 log hours completed

Module 8

$395 if paid 22 days early or $425 thereafter

Module 8 is designed to deepen the understanding of applying Bowenwork procedures in specialized areas of interest as well as reviews from different perspectives.

Module 9-SP1

$450 if paid 22 days early or $480 thereafter

12 Specific Procedures 1 (Mod 10 is a review/assessment of Mod 9)Prerequisites: Module 8, and current with the Academy.

Module 11-12

MODULE 11-12
$450 if paid 22 days early or $480 thereafter

You'll learn:
37 Specific Procedures 2 (Mod 12 is a review/assessment of Mod 11)Prerequisites: Module 10, and current with the Academy.


Individuals with Disabilities:

American Bowen Academy provides reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities. Our policy is available upon request.


Cancellation Policy
Complaint Resolution Policy:American Bowen Academy takes all complaints and concerns seriously and will perform a thorough investigation of all relevant facts of a complaint. See our Professional Standards page for more information about filing a complaint.